Laura Worrick

Alegria Consulting

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alegria consulting

Alegria Consulting was looking to create a brand that reflected their history in the construction industry while also conveying strength, trust and leadership. They also wanted to appear modern and approachable. Through researching construction methods and structural foundations, I combined old architecture with modern typography to create a three dimensional feel across two dimensional collateral. The branding included logo mark, tag line, website design, letterhead and business cards.

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I started by researching construction and structures to better understand strength and support, which were features both important in the construction industry (the client’s industry) but also the message they wished to convey to customers. There was an obvious crossover from architecture to typography so I began playing with how we could subtly play with dimensionality in two dimensional type. Through a serious of iterations we landed on something that felt strong and approachable but not overly flashy. They also insisted that their brand be joyful and fun, which we tried to capture in our mood boards. I ultimately chose to add a fun and playful element by using the pattern for the background of business cards and on the website.