Laura Worrick

Easy Art Prints


Easy Art Prints

Easy Art Prints is a newly launched art site by BuildASign. The goal was to create a sister-site to Easy Canvas Prints with a more aspirational, high-end look and feel. Working with a team of designers, I created three user personas that would define our brand tone and styling by researching our Easy Canvas Prints demographics and defining a more specific user group from this data. Final deliverables included brand look and feel, logo, UX, UI elements, responsive page layouts for common breakpoints, main campaign areas and content units.



I started by researching and writing to develop an overall brand tone and then shifted to create moodboards to capture all of the visual research I had done and turned that into something visual. Using the elements from the mood boards and all of my writing, I began creating stylescapes by collaging various elements and words together to build the concept. I further refined my concepts by rebuilding the stylescapes with original elements and phrases I created and wrote. Once those were defined I used those pieces as my north star, defining the creative direction for the brand and the art direction for the collateral.

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UX Artifacts

In addition to managing the visual design for this project, I was also in charge of managing the build out of the website. Working with a UX designer, development team, PO and business, we gathered requirements through a series of meetings and exercises to truly understand the different needs and options the customer would have on this site (including complex search and filtering functionality), as well as accounting for promotions, discounts and business strategies that needed to be addressed. Below is a selection of some of our documentation including a site map, wire frames and user personas.