Laura Worrick

REI: No Destination


REI: No destination

I developed a sub brand and marketing campaign for REI that allowed them to connect with local communities through their artists and makers. The target audience was fashion-forward, environmentally conscious urbanites. By researching early American explorers, immigrant cultures and vintage roadside attractions, I arrived at the name, No Destination. Posters and murals encourage customers to download the REI No Destination app which guides them on a journey to an REI No Destination pop-up shop. They are first directed to pick up a custom journal from a branded VW Bus parked outside the store, which serves as a guide and a record of their trip. The app then leads them on a journey to an REI pop-up shop built in an old gas station. The shop features No Destination products as well as collaborative products designed by local artists.



I started by researching and writing to develop an overall brand tone and then shifted to create moodboards to capture all of the visual research I had done and turned that into something visual. Using the elements from the mood boards and all of my writing, I began creating stylescapes by collaging various elements and words together to build the concept. I further refined my concepts by rebuilding the stylescapes with original elements and phrases I created and wrote. Once those were defined I used those pieces as my north star, defining the creative direction for the brand and the art direction for the collateral.