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Wellness Hub


wellness hub

Wellness Hub was designed during Austin’s annual CreateAthon, a 24-hour work-around-the-clock event where creative professionals provide free creative services to Central Texas nonprofit organizations. Originally called the “Texas Youth Friendly Initiative”, our non-profit agency worked to address teen health in underserved communities. As the creative director I guided a team of six designers, copywriters, ux designers and front end developers through a rigorous process to get us the best possible results with the 24 hour time frame. Through research and interviews we created user journeys, mapped user touch points and developed mind maps to better understand our intended audience. Within that short time, our team established brand values, wrote a mantra, renamed the initiative, designed a logo and brand system, and created all of the requested collateral.



There were two important pieces of collateral we needed to create outside of the branding. The first was some sort of postcard or note card that doctors, nurses or other school administrators could give to students that would feel friendly, youthful and non-clinical. Because we were dealing with a sensitive user group who may have some shame around visiting the doctor or asking for help about something they perceive as embarrassing it would also need to look, at a glance, unsuspecting to other students. Lastly the card needed to provide a place for school administrators to write down notes, information, directions, phone numbers or addresses, and because these would go to many clinics that had to be location agnostic.

The second important piece of collateral was a seal that could be put in the window of clinics to indicate that they were participating in the teen wellness program. The clients indicated they wanted it to be something subtle and also to be used as a rating system. We created a small seal that can be placed on the door, in the front window or at reception to let students know it is a safe place.

Seals_Final2_Artboard 6.jpg


Because we only had 24 hours I had to be pretty strict with the timing and planning of the evening. I had built a brief with the clients a few weeks before and had a general direction I wanted to go in. After sharing the brief with the team and giving them time to digest we dove into determining on our key brand values and mind mapping around them. Using that we were able to start logo drafting. While a few worked on the logo, I worked with the copywriters to begin developing the brand mantra and messaging. Meanwhile I had others worked on journey maps to identify what type of collateral would be helpful to the students, administrators and healthcare professionals. Through that process we were able to formulate the concept for the postcard/notecard and also developed the seal and rating system.